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Technology ahead of the curve

Our manufacturing facilities and experience in specialty paint production has shaped the development of our forward-thinking features. With over 18 years of development for our 3 dry erase formulas, you can write easily knowing that your Draw it Paint surface will work just as hard as you do, if not harder.

Uniquely designed to surpass all paints, traditional porcelain-steel, and glass dry erase options, we provide a competitive advantage to coordinate your senses and utilize yourself fully to find that simple solution to solve that complex problem.

Premium Dry Erase Paints

A performance selection that continue to deliver an elevated experience of productivity and helps organizations achieve their strategic goals


Innovation and teamwork thrive in high-performing workplaces because they know that effective cooperation nurtures new ideas best.

Vetted Formulas

When it comes to our dry erase paints, we control all factors of production. Keeping quality high and creation even higher.

Unrivalled Longevity

With 18+ years of development and testing, we can guarantee excellent performance and effortless wipes for any Draw It Paint surface for the next 10 years.

Tools For Success

Equip yourself to do great things – so your business will, too. Our
diverse paint portfolio has what you need to achieve your goals.

Emulsification Process

Fusing of coats for the smoothest surface possible

Self Levelling/ Self Smoothing

Adjusts to the surface, correcting minor imperfections and textures for you

Abrasion Resistance

If it doesn’t break the wall, it won’t break our paint

Chemical Resistance

Wipe harsh chemicals off just as easily as you do with marker marks

Simple Maintenance

Wipe away with ease without chemicals or spray cleaners

Pinpoint Clarity

UVForceTM & ColorHDTM pigments for vibrancy & contrast

Endurance Tested

Made for durability with UltraStrengthTM & StrongAdhesionTM

True Connection

Fusing of coats for the smoothest surface possible

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