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We have a dry erase paint for every surface, setting and industry, because we believe your creativity should never be confined. See what people are saying about us and how some of the most influential and innovative companies have chosen us to take their success to the next level.

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Some Of Our Past Customers

- Phyllis Floyd

My friend painted a whiteboard for their family and honestly, it’s been such a great space! It’s so functional and fun and it’s been such a great utility for them. There hasn’t been a day something new isn’t drawn or scribbled on it. The finish is great it looks just like a freshly painted surface months later. I’m very impressed.

- Carlo Bender

Draw It Paint really makes it easier for me to continue working on my thesis as now I have a large space that is completely and easily under my control at home. With how much things change in a single paper, this whiteboard helps me keep track of the edits I make to slightly skew my points a different direction. It never ghosts so anything I write can be read clearly and any erasure I make is permanent so nothing gets confused. My The Thinker has gotten past being a luxury to being a necessity as it really has made the scholastic aspect of my life easier.

- Iris Christensen

I like to add a little bit of flare to everything I do. I have often used dry erase boards for work and when I saw that Draw It Paint offered something other than white, I jumped on the opportunity. The black is so cool. A little edgy, different, right up my alley. I use it every day and it's one of my favorite tools for work. Stays clean and requires zero maintenance. Buy some of this paint and you won't regret it!

- Marco George

I use Recruit for work in my metal shop. We plan things on it, design builds, and keep track of materials. It's our ultimate shop tool that isn't a literal tool. I love this stuff more than life itself, and I think Draw It Paint have made a can of magic with their dry erase paint.

- Ernesto Cox

I originally was looking for a simple whiteboard to hang in my office. Something cheap and easy, no fuss. However, searching for them online started showing me ads for Draw It Paint, so I delved deeper and started reading reviews. What a life saver! Glad I found Unique and now know that I'm getting something reliable! The best "whiteboard" I could have asked for.


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From personal projects to industrial workplaces, our dry erase paints work hard so you don’t have to. Reinvent your spaces and give you and your team the ability to collaborate and create without borders.

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